Loula Nomikou SANTORINI CABLE CAR Evangelos Nomikos - Founder

Loula & Evangelos Nomikos Foundation established in 1979 by the ship owner Evangelos Nomikos who gave all the expenses for the Cable Car purchase and installation. In addition to all the other offers, E. Nomikos has contributed much to the island. He mediated the transportation problem of the locals and mainly the thousands of tourists who visit it every year and decided to offer one of the most developed works of the Cyclades province. Its purpose is - according to the foundation's constitution, is to help the communities in developmental works.

The Cable Car now belongs to the 14 communities of Santorini and this way the Greek regional administration is given a successful example of self management.

This is achieved without ignoring the traditional mule drivers who have offered so much, giving a unique beautiful sight to the island. The foundation approaches them with sympathy and compensation, paying them a percentage of the ticket price in order to help this tradition to survive.

a charming travel at the traces of Atlantis

An excursion which you must not miss

Fira - Cable Car - Boat - Volcano

It would be a pity to miss on the most important travels through Santorini that will be to you unforgettable.

With the aid of the Cable Car you will visit and admire Santorini's Volcano for the longer time and experience the essence of the excitement.

We are confident that its wild beauty and multicoloured rocks will impress you.

You may start your unique trip...

...from sea level, let your imagination wonder and go back to the past, through the volcanic scenery. The cable car travels up the path and in three minutes time you're comfortably in the beautiful town of Fira. Fira, Santorini's capital, is at the altitude of 220 meters and from there enjoy whatever beautiful Santorini can offer, and the charming view of the entire island will always remain unforgettable.

Santorini's Cable Car serves 1200 persons per hour totaly and is constructed by Doppelmayr® according to the Austrian Regulations. At the same time, it gives value to Fira port, which has been devaluated by the difficulty of the access to Fira. The incoming from the tickets is given to the island's Communities for the execution of development work.